Korean Teacher Disappears After Child Suicide

Written on:July 30, 2012
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Ootsu Bully Victim’s Homeroom Teacher: A Passion for Korean Education, But Indifferent To Students

Last October, a 13-year-old bullying victim killed himself in Ootsu City. The father’s lawsuit against the city revealed that the city suppressed much information about the bullying leading up to the suicide, and that the boy’s homeroom teacher knew about the bullying but failed to intervene. That teacher has not been seen at school since the story broke.

A mother of a child in the classroom: “Parents have asking the teacher to ‘show his face and explain himself’, but the principal insists that he is ‘not attending the school by his own decision.’ The kids say that when he became aware of the bullying, he just laughed and said ‘shit happens’. Of course we want to know if that rumor is true, but there was no answer to that at the conference.”

A school employee: “If this guy spoke, the amount of approval this school gave to the bullying would leak out.”

But there’s more. It’s possible that this teacher’s attitude laid the grounds for the bullying. Those who worked with him say he was “indifferent” to students.

PTA member: “At this guy’s previous job, he put all his effort into expanding Korean education at the school, but when he was moved to this school all that energy seemed to fade and he was just playing it safe.”

A former student relates his attitude just months before the bullying.

“A boy was injured in the judo class he was running. The teacher said, ‘you’ll be fine’, and made him participate in the swim meet that week. His injury got worse from that and by the next judo class his foot was broken. Nevertheless, the teacher persisted in making him swim, and after that meet he was no longer able to walk.”

The boy’s parents complained to the teacher and were shocked by his cavalier attitude. That boy was a classmate of the student who committed suicide.

When this teacher was cornered by the weekly magazine Friday, he refused to answer questions, but simply smiled and hummed a tune at the reporter. Following that “interview”, which caused an uproar when it was published, he no longer returned to his home in the evening, nor was he at school during the day. This magazine was unable to locate him.

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