European Philosophers Become Magical Anime Girls

Written on:September 17, 2011
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Author Junji Hotta has blessed the world with “Tsundere, Heidegger, and Me”, a tour de force of European philosophy… in a world where all the philosophers are self-conscious anime girls. The books went on sale September 14.

The table of contents includes: “Chapter 1, Descartes: proving the existence of God”; “Chapter 2, Spinoza: man is the greatest for man”, “Chapter 3, Berkeley and Hume: to exist is to be aware”, “Chapter 4, Kant: the starry heaven above me and morality within me”, “Chapter 5, Hegel: the world is an infinite progression towards wisdom”, “Chapter 6, Nietzsche: God is dead, but nothing has changed”, “Chapter 7, Heidegger: without a world, we do not exist, without us, the world does not exist, we are not alone”.

“I think. Therefore, there’s me, K?”

The main character, reincarnated as a high school student after a fatal accident, is summoned by the 7 characters for secret after-school lessons. According to the ITmedia: “Decartes is a haughty princess, Nietzsche is yandere, Heidegger is a long-haired cultural club leader.”

Without further ado, photos:



Berkeley and Hume




Original souce: AkibaBlog (Japanese)

  • Anonymous

    I love Japan.

  • NovaJinx

    I call dibs on Descartes.

  • Matthew Sage

    Japan truly desecrates anything and everything, huh?

    …Descartes Rena-chanaaaaaaaaaaan!

  • Imstillhere

    dat Mahou Shoujo

  • Santiago Fernandez

    Oh japan, you crazy motherfuckers

  • Shibata Takahisa

    It’s kind of fraudulent business. A lack of content with far-fetched story far from european philosophy.

  • Anonymous

    I read the title
    Then I read the article
    I’m disappointed

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  • Ido Shtern

    I’m surprised!

  • Sweet Ape


  • Mattias Bengtsson

    I can just see Nietzche and Descartes going along well.. D: God exists, we are the proof! N: God is dead, we killed him,…

  • Running Wild

    dumb, just like all the crap they make today. it looks exactly the same like every other animu.

  • Guest

    The only way I could see this being better is if they had Voltaire.

    • Aa

      More like Broltaire.

  • Anonymous

    Nietzsche looks angry.

  • Thomas Robinson

    Not sure if want.

  • Hernan Martinez

    Oh japan, you card.

  • ahegao

    A must for the aspiring philosophical otaku.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh Japan, you so silly.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Japan, you so silly.

  • Wolven

    Just… What the,… I don’t even…

  • Goldfly

    I suspect that this will either be amazing or terrible. I can’t see there being any middle ground to speak of.

  • AM

    funny (via @fredrin)

  • Zoya Street

    Spinoza, put your bum away!

  • guest


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  • Mish

    Lol Nietzsche’s ice cream. No wonder she’s so angry.

    …saying Nietzsche as a she disturbs me.

    • I B Area

      Saying Nietzsche as a she disturbs you disturbs me.

  • Michael Weir


  • Malachyquinn7


  • Chris Balsiger

    Um…I think I’m turning Japanese…I really think so….

  • Chris Balsiger

    “Heidegger is a long-haired cultural club leader,” sounds ’bout right.

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  • Adam Malik

    In before Rule 34

  • 講談社学芸図書出版部翻訳グループ

    I’m the editor of the book in Japan and so happy to hear your cool reaction.
    You may think we( author and editor) are foolish, but we prefer STAY FOOLISH to do ordinary work.
    That’s innovation, isn’t it?
    If you have some question, we are pleased to answer it.

    • Guest

      Will this be translated to English?

    • Korb

      Q: Do you know that you two are awesome? :3

    • Blub

      Will I be able to buy this book in Canada anytime soon??

    • Flallen


      /this looks amazing
      //allcaps for excitement

    • Libin Wang

      Oh you, the only thing that’s horrible is that I CAN’T FIND WHERE TO BUY IT!!!!!

    • archie

      hmmm do more books like this. I can give you ideas

  • Anonymous

    Our Twitter ID : @kodanshahonyaku

  • Just a browser

    Zoomed in and read some of the text — philosophically, it checks out fine. Pretty well written for an introductory book, in my opinion! I liked the Kant and Hegel ones. Hopefully, this will get more Japanese people to get interested in philosophy!

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  • Sonnambula La

    weird, hilarious or messed up. bizarre

  • Lehq

    moeblob in my philosophy? it’s more likely than I thought!

    Nietzsche as a yandere? shouldn’t ‘she’ be the aloof lone outcast oddball or something.

  • Guest JC

    Lame. It’s going to suck, but people are going to love it any way just because there’s a “cast” of under aged girls that losers will clamor for. K-on, Lucky star, Haruhi, any other “loli” all girl cast/supposed to represent famous historical figures- anime or manga. It’s all the same.

    We’ll keep getting this cookie cutter, basement dweller’s wet dream, crap, until people decide they’ve had enough.

    I hope I’m wrong, and it’s awesome- but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Ian Stone

    What an odd way to popularise philosophy!Spinoza is obviously less concerned with ethics these days and more bothered about maintaining pert bum cheeks.

  • Sameoldsavvy


  • Patchouli

    GIVE TRANSLATION NOW. This looks amazing: I’d buy three copies: One for reading, one for storage, one for display. JUST TAKE MY MONEY.

  • Asuka4Eva

    Meh, just some pretentious bullsh*t for deepfags, rather prefer Evangelion folks!

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  • Molieri

    Absolutely outstanding! よくやった!

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  • Weeaboo Radley

    Battle not with sugoi, lest ye become sugoi, for if you stare into the uguu, the uguu stares back into you.


    Hi, do you have a publisher for the translation yet?

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  • Emilpunklover


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  • Usali1991

    i am iranian boy my name is ali.hagh. i 21old yarr. very very good

    • Russ Lindquist

      “boy” mesle “bache” hast. “guy” behtare 😉

    • Haters be hate

      Mongrel! your picture way damn out of the topic!
      go home!

  • Jajsdfjasdjlksad

    Men this is like
    Hey Europe
    What is it Japan

  • Kraemer

    Any nude pics of Nietzsche ? Without the Syphillis please.

  • rofl

    translation where? :(

  • Dmlindquist

    Any updates on this?

  • JKrummel

    no picture of heidegger?

  • JKrummel

    I want to see what Heidegger looks like!

  • s

    Give her the dick

  • Yandere

    no translation Dx

  • Young Fogie

    Way better than Sophie’s World.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    There is also something deeply satisfying about it though.

  • Cadigan

    I really, really, really want the English translation.

  • Rimuladas

    I love the Japanese. Happy Holiday’s. I will take Hegel for $100 Alex.

  • dickbutt

    spinoza? more like shimapansoza

  • Josh Nolan

    This is one I’d buy x3

  • samueljohnklein

    Somewhere, there’s a Scientologist upset because L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t included, EVEN THOUGH THEY’VE NO IDEA THIS BOOK EXISTS YET! Because they are that awesome.

  • AnorhiDemarche

    I”ll just leave this here.

  • Tally

    Oh my god: Please, please print this in English. I would love to help you find translators. My e-mail address is, please feel free to get in touch.