European Philosophers Become Magical Anime Girls

Written on:September 17, 2011
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Author Junji Hotta has blessed the world with “Tsundere, Heidegger, and Me”, a tour de force of European philosophy… in a world where all the philosophers are self-conscious anime girls. The books went on sale September 14.

The table of contents includes: “Chapter 1, Descartes: proving the existence of God”; “Chapter 2, Spinoza: man is the greatest for man”, “Chapter 3, Berkeley and Hume: to exist is to be aware”, “Chapter 4, Kant: the starry heaven above me and morality within me”, “Chapter 5, Hegel: the world is an infinite progression towards wisdom”, “Chapter 6, Nietzsche: God is dead, but nothing has changed”, “Chapter 7, Heidegger: without a world, we do not exist, without us, the world does not exist, we are not alone”.

“I think. Therefore, there’s me, K?”

The main character, reincarnated as a high school student after a fatal accident, is summoned by the 7 characters for secret after-school lessons. According to the ITmedia: “Decartes is a haughty princess, Nietzsche is yandere, Heidegger is a long-haired cultural club leader.”

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Berkeley and Hume




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