Japan is letting 10,000 tourists visit… for free!!

Written on:October 10, 2011
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Tourism Ministry proposes to invite 10,000 foreign tourists to Japan, paying all travel expenses

Aiming to recover Japan’s tourism industry, which has suffered badly from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Tourism Ministry has proposed to bring 10,000 tourists from all over the world to visit Japan for free in 2012.

Prospective tourists will apply mainly through an Internet application. Those selected will receive a round trip plane ticket.

The objective is to have the 10,000 tourists discuss their experiences online, and allow word-of-mouth reports to propagate about safe and hassle-free travel in Japan. Visitors will also fill out a questionnaire about how they feel about visiting Japan after the earthquake and any proposals they might have to renew interest in tourism. The Ministry will request $150 million in funding for this program.

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Goodbye, Kyoto

Japanese Internet users respond:

30 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 03:33:40.00 ID:GRyO5F3s0 [1/1回発言]
With a strong yen?!

31 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 03:33:40.45 ID:mM686xbr0 [1/2回発言]
Hey, where’s that money coming from?

97 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 03:41:34.86 ID:KX124zCT0
Seriously, this is a good idea.
We have to revive the slump of the tourist industry.
Japanese people always travel abroad,
so we should similarly be inviting people from other countries over here.

151 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 03:48:31.95 ID:+3AbSpZ+0 [4/9回発言]
It’s like the fucking JET program

195 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 03:54:19.96 ID:uYdOUUaN0
Hmm, good idea.
I hope it has a ripple effect.

271 : 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 : 2011/10/10(月) 04:04:49.19 ID:Vni6nDIi0
Is there even a point to this program?

305 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 04:09:08.47 ID:J8g3aqQd0
There is a point.
The rumors being spread around about radiation have had a terrible effect on food exports, mechanical exports, and tourism.
Japan has to combat misinformation by any means possible.

414 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 04:27:59.91 ID:u3g+7W6x0
Personally, I think we should mostly bring people from Taiwan and Southeast Asia (esp. Singapore, Malaysia). America and Europe are too far away; people over there don’t want to spend so much to come here.

431 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 04:32:10.98 ID:Y/4YKB/zO
It doesn’t make sense to jump-start tourism when the yen is so strong

522 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 04:50:11.52 ID:5afsQmPQ0 [1/1回発言]
I just e-mailed all the foreigners I know telling them that Tokyo glows green at night with radiation. Stay out of my country!!

[File this under “Things That Never Happened” –Shii]

557 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 04:58:05.86 ID:uPwLoZrU0 [2/4回発言]
I’ll call all my foreign friends I made on FF14

661 : 名無しさん@12周年 : 2011/10/10(月) 05:13:57.01 ID:tjnySOdD0 [2/2回発言]
With $150 million, we could make a COOL ANIME.
Make an anime set in Japan’s picturesque locations, and distribute it all over the world.
Foreigners who love Japan will come here on pilgrimage!

[Pretty sure someone already did this. Or, rather, that’s every good anime ever. –Shii]

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