2ch Reacts to GameRevolution’s Condemnation of Famitsu

Written on:November 26, 2011
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1 名無しさん@涙目です。(東日本) :2011/11/25(金) 19:25:11.06 ID:64jD+GXa0 ?PLT(12000) ポイント特典

Famitsu Sucks

10 名無しさん@涙目です。(三重県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:26:44.59 ID:5JEwhx5s0

Of course it’s fine, Famitsu reviewed it.

14 名無しさん@涙目です。(大阪府) :2011/11/25(金) 19:27:11.80 ID:ucxP/Y5O0

But a lot of those foreign sites also use point-based review systems.

18 名無しさん@涙目です。(catv?) :2011/11/25(金) 19:27:39.72 ID:BSk0eJ5MP

Exactly, which makes me wonder why they check Famitsu, too.

22 名無しさん@涙目です。(福岡県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:27:54.65 ID:YtqpA7G80

There needs to be more reviews for crappy games like for “Pro Golfer Saru” then.

27 名無しさん@涙目です。(岡山県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:28:19.27 ID:CJay0S1T0

Let’s see you make these reviews with your REAL names, Famitsu.

30 名無しさん@涙目です。(岐阜県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:28:30.95 ID:hnHuau4k0

I wonder if there are any idiots on there who try to resist the ad sponsors.

39 名無しさん@涙目です。(西日本) :2011/11/25(金) 19:29:12.54 ID:MVg3KLQI0

These are all advertisements disguised as reviews.

41 名無しさん@涙目です。(岩手県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:29:13.49 ID:UydRL5ji0

I’m shocked that they gave high scores to Culdcept despite the game-breaking bugs.

46 名無しさん@涙目です。(奈良県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:29:25.15 ID:EyFYxLOL0

There are quite a few people in Japan with the same opinion.

66 名無しさん@涙目です。(徳島県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:30:56.53 ID:kEkr2ffo0

It’s a wonder that game magazines are still going.

70 名無しさん@涙目です。(沖縄県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:31:00.44 ID:2V+rpg7r0

That argument sounds about right to me. Anyone who goes by their reviews are morons.

74 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:31:18.08 ID:Y2DIUgQp0

Only kids read it anyway lol

97 名無しさん@涙目です。(奈良県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:32:39.18 ID:EyFYxLOL0

“I give this upcoming Kojima game a 10 in anticipation!”

103 名無しさん@涙目です。(北海道) :2011/11/25(金) 19:32:58.19 ID:hyALr1yp0

I think their reviews on the more under-the-radar games are pretty accurate.

107 名無しさん@涙目です。(大阪府) :2011/11/25(金) 19:33:09.29 ID:wHV1TRtJ0

Yeah, that’s just how Famitsu is. It’s like an art form to them.

32 名無しさん@涙目です。(関東・甲信越) :2011/11/25(金) 19:28:42.28 ID:Mxa9abhbO

If you take the “com” (soul) and “shin” (honesty) from “Famicom Tsushin”, you get “Famitsu”.

47 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:29:33.47 ID:b0SqfXsl0


78 名無しさん@涙目です。(SB-iPhone) :2011/11/25(金) 19:31:28.61 ID:Jo+wPZmn0

They even give games that people like Rolling Uchizawa (who works for Famitsu) call crappy a 10 like Wipeout.

182 名無しさん@涙目です。(禿) :2011/11/25(金) 19:39:58.16 ID:f/9Yi3R80

If you don’t like Wipeout, there’s something wrong with your head.

211 名無しさん@涙目です。(埼玉県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:42:01.54 ID:XJQHLdgw0

It’s probably pretty hard for those who’ve played F-Zero.

223 名無しさん@涙目です。(SB-iPhone) :2011/11/25(金) 19:43:20.30 ID:Jo+wPZmn0

Hi there, Uchizawa.

Giving the first Pokemon games 7s was kind of dumb of them but isn’t that really low for Nintendo games?

255 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:46:18.55 ID:iNAUdVdNP


  • Giving the first Pokemon games 7s was dumb
  • Really low for Nintendo games

Nice double standard there.

281 名無しさん@涙目です。(神奈川県【19:40 震度1】) :2011/11/25(金) 19:48:07.04 ID:OIp15EV+0


But Pokemon isn’t really Nintendo’s.

289 名無しさん@涙目です。(アラバマ州) :2011/11/25(金) 19:48:52.40 ID:ELAp/Mpa0


Pretty sure they published Red and Green.

82 名無しさん@涙目です。(芋) :2011/11/25(金) 19:31:39.99 ID:VgX5iiRS0

They rated the new Tales of Xillia game way too high. Hilarous.

117 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:34:11.91 ID:iNAUdVdNP


But 2ch was saying it was awesome before Famitsu did. lol

84 名無しさん@涙目です。(北海道) :2011/11/25(金) 19:31:53.82 ID:hyALr1yp0

I wonder how long they actually play each game they review.

111 名無しさん@涙目です。(宮城県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:33:36.03 ID:8KB7WLhJ0


They don’t, they just watch a demo reel.

98 名無しさん@涙目です。(大阪府) :2011/11/25(金) 19:32:46.07 ID:MiBjkLB10

What will they rate Skyrim?

149 名無しさん@涙目です。(福井県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:36:49.95 ID:k3GJldlx0


A perfect score, more than likely.

102 名無しさん@涙目です。(大阪府) :2011/11/25(金) 19:32:56.40 ID:c4IEP7Vf0

But isn’t CoD:MW3 absolute garbage?

That’s supposed to be the pinnacle of western gaming? rofl

199 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:41:02.65 ID:GC5FPQpD0


So why don’t you play it an find out if the foreign reviewers have been paid off, too?

119 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:34:18.95 ID:bHdE0akc0

Vagrant Story

128 名無しさん@涙目です。(高知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:34:56.79 ID:0ZR5iJvN0


That’s pretty much what convinced me Famitsu was unreliable.

155 名無しさん@涙目です。(神奈川県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:37:29.11 ID:l8fmBkQF0


Games like that don’t get a perfect score.

People who don’t like them call it stupid, but if you get hooked, you get hooked GOOD.

If they gave it scores like 10, 8, 7 and 5, that would be about right.

146 名無しさん@涙目です。(三重県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:36:19.40 ID:xCyX62lE0


I personally think it’s fantastic but I wouldn’t give it a perfect score.

130 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:34:59.17 ID:7cU/biT20

Famitsu is nothing but ads on every single page.

153 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:37:13.66 ID:iNAUdVdNP


Same thing with foreign gaming sites lol

147 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:36:20.91 ID:ZWIn75n30

Like this and the reviews on Amazon, don’t look at the number grade and actually read the write-up.

Spergs might kill themselves over it though (hopefully).

169 名無しさん@涙目です。(神奈川県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:38:38.89 ID:l8fmBkQF0


But the write-ups are terrible, too.

> Spergs might kill themselves over it though (hopefully).

Maybe you should lead by example, sperg.

168 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:38:33.11 ID:C9a3TlsU0

Giving a serious response to Famitsu’s reviews?

That’s not even the big issue. Metascore is garbage, and you shouldn’t expect anything from the game journalism industry.

193 名無しさん@涙目です。(熊本県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:40:42.63 ID:hexV3wIZ0


But they do give out perfect scores like candy.

I wonder what the average score turns out to be.

170 名無しさん@涙目です。(奈良県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:38:41.85 ID:EyFYxLOL0

The first Pokemon games: 8, 7, 7, 7

The latest ones: 10s across the board

Famitsu lololololololololololololololol

238 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:44:32.46 ID:J3929S7C0


A lot of people mistake the scores they gave the first games to be low. A lot of the Game Boy games then were in the 3-5 range. That’s top-class, comparatively.

But the scores for the latest games are kinda off.

174 名無しさん@涙目です。(アラバマ州) :2011/11/25(金) 19:39:03.17 ID:PZX27KWS0

Didn’t they give perfect scores to Unlimited Saga and Rogue Galaxy?

206 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:41:39.82 ID:o2nxRFP00


If it were me, I’d give Unlimited Saga an 8.

It’s a niche title, obviously.

218 名無しさん@涙目です。(芋) :2011/11/25(金) 19:42:28.77 ID:VgX5iiRS0


At the time, I’d have given it a perfect score due to the opening and how unexpected the game was.

175 名無しさん@涙目です。(SB-iPhone) :2011/11/25(金) 19:39:08.34 ID:Jo+wPZmn0

How many points did they give Demon’s Souls and Pokemon?
I remember games like Card Hero, which I just could not get at all, got a high score from Famitsu because it was Nintendo.

189 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:40:32.41 ID:iNAUdVdNP


Pokemon was Nintendo but it got a low score, idiot.

222 名無しさん@涙目です。(熊本県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:43:20.12 ID:hexV3wIZ0


After Pokemon, Nintendo was still pretty new to the whole link battle system so it was crap.

I’m not trying to bash them, so don’t go crazy or anything.

203 名無しさん@涙目です。(高知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:41:23.31 ID:TNC5iWke0


Wasn’t one of the editors at Famitsu promoting Card Hero like crazy?

194 名無しさん@涙目です。(埼玉県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:40:45.10 ID:pw89B4vC0

Even magazines about music and instruments will have articles about paper lanterns.

It doesn’t matter what genre it covers, is there any magazine in Japan that prints honest, relevant reviews?

273 名無しさん@涙目です。(埼玉県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:47:38.60 ID:C7qmlYtg0


The discontinued Snoozer was pretty good about it.

213 名無しさん@涙目です。(家) :2011/11/25(金) 19:42:07.41 ID:ibEhKJ760

The lowest scores in the history of Famitsu.

226 名無しさん@涙目です。(埼玉県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:43:29.90 ID:6XjgtjX6P


All of those games will go down in history as blunders.

But even a 4 is too high, and it wouldn’t hurt them to have one or two lower than 10 in total.

233 名無しさん@涙目です。(芋) :2011/11/25(金) 19:44:19.39 ID:VgX5iiRS0


That’s a nice view. Soothing, even.

247 名無しさん@涙目です。(SB-iPhone) :2011/11/25(金) 19:45:22.43 ID:Jo+wPZmn0


I guess you can only trust Famitsu on what’s a truly crappy game lol

250 名無しさん@涙目です。(大阪府) :2011/11/25(金) 19:45:57.59 ID:bheN/eDR0


And they write pretty much the same thing for all of them lol

267 名無しさん@涙目です。(北海道) :2011/11/25(金) 19:47:10.61 ID:KndPInwA0


I didn’t even know an Olympic game came out for the PS3.

236 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:44:31.66 ID:Yi9rw/JL0

Heh, these naive gaijin who think they can’t review that many games.

They don’t have the same enthusiasm or work ethic as the Famitsu reviewers, pouring themselves into their work to get through as many games as possible, even cutting into their sleeping time.

276 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:47:54.83 ID:oYfoY5od0


If they really had that much enthusiasm, it wouldn’t be such a crappy mag.

240 名無しさん@涙目です。(千葉県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:44:46.85 ID:GjnReh330

Why aren’t there any decent review magazines or sites in Japan? Not just for games, but movies and music, too.

254 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:46:18.25 ID:HeKeIrO70


There’s 2channel.

271 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:47:28.55 ID:kbM7/pK40


If you criticize some high-budget work, you’ll lose reputation and consequently money.

If you praise them, you’ll get more money.

286 名無しさん@涙目です。(埼玉県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:48:39.33 ID:C7qmlYtg0


Because there’s no one strong-minded enough in the media.

They’re all at the beck and call of the sponsors.

249 名無しさん@涙目です。(東日本) :2011/11/25(金) 19:45:55.18 ID:NJydja690

When the first Resident Evil came out, it got universally panned.

I guess it was because of the fixed viewpoints and unwieldy tank controls that were meant to add to the suspenseful atmosphere the game was going for.

275 名無しさん@涙目です。(愛知県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:47:44.44 ID:iNAUdVdNP


But Famitsu gave it a really high score lol

Maybe that’s how it started selling and it spread by word of mouth from there.

262 名無しさん@涙目です。(コネチカット州) :2011/11/25(金) 19:46:44.31 ID:1/2bvz+WO

The feeling I get from that article is more “Why do you put so much faith in Famitsu’s reviews?”

274 名無しさん@涙目です。(大阪府) :2011/11/25(金) 19:47:42.97 ID:bheN/eDR0


Asking that much might be too hard on them.

264 名無しさん@涙目です。(茨城県) :2011/11/25(金) 19:46:50.92 ID:QEeOrajT0

  • It’s a PS3-exclusive title so I’ll give it another point.
  • This game is an sequel of epic proportions, so I give it a 10.

Seriously, the reviews are full of stuff like that.

In foreign reviews, the same game will have the best scores on the PC, then 360, and then the PS3, but in Famitsu, each version gets the same score.

280 名無しさん@涙目です。(東京都) :2011/11/25(金) 19:48:04.04 ID:7ha5ik300


They pointed out how much they liked the font in Torneko’s Mysterious Dungeon. They’re lunatics.

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